Hello, my name is Roger Poulin and I am a retired Exploration Geologist. My fascination for minerals has lead me to my involvement with other mineral related groups. I am a member of the Sudbury Rock and Lapidary Society as well as the Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies (CCFMS). The main drive of our society is to host a yearly mineral show in Sudbury, Ontario and to educate and entertain our members.

I am one of those crazy people who has been filling his house with countless mineral specimens over the past thirty years. Roger's Minerals has become an extension of my collecting hobby. Feel free to follow my favorite links.

Roger's Minerals is a part-time mail order business dedicated to satisfying the needs of mineral collectors world-wide. Whether you collect for a museum, a school, a researcher, a collector or a prospector, you may find exactly what you are looking for at this site. I specialize in rare species but also recycle old collections. This gives my stock a wide variety of choices. The prices are competitive and satisfaction is guaranteed!

New Additions
Mohave Desert, Barstow, California, USA.
Otter Lake, Quebec, Canada
Santa Eulalia Mine district, Chihuahua, Mexico
Langis Mine, Casey Twp., Ontario, Canada
Nipissing Mine RL 407, Coleman Twp., Cobalt, Ontario, Canada
Mont Joy Twp., Timmins, Ontario, Canada
Silver Leaf Claim, Wimmipeg River, Manitoba, Canada